• For progress, not perfection.....

Everybody is codependent to some degree.

We are humans, we need to live and love. However, when the need to be in a relationship or with a certain person gets in the way of what is good for us we have a problem. Recovery from codependency is a journey, like any addiction. We are learning to strive for progress and small steps rather than perfection. Co-dependent Journeys is a help and information site for the recovery of co-dependency and the pain that comes along with it.

Experience, learn, grow

The co-dependent journeys blog is written only by those that are co-dependent or in recovery. When learning about co-dependency it is important to have real peoples experiences. Everyone has a different experience but the same underlying themes of hurt, control, manipulation and low self esteem are evident in all. Recovery from relationship addiction or your codependent journey may be a long process or short. It depends on a lot of things but most importantly, you. As soon as you realise you are codependent you can slowly begin to make changes. These will put you in a great place to becoming who you were meant to be. Good luck.

You may have found this by accident or you may be in pain looking for answers, co-dependent journeys is the right place to start.

Are stuck in the same cycle of toxic relationship, maybe the same one…maybe many?

Regularly end up feeling hurt, used, lied to, let down and out of control?

Done the odd crazy behaviour Рturning up announced, uninvited to see if they are lying?  Canned a whole lot more crazy behaviour you are actually too embarrassed to admit?

Then welcome aboard, this is codependent journeys and you might well be having your own!!!!

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