One day at a time, one page at a time if you need.

Books are an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and how other people have managed and overcome their co-dependent journeys. If you can take one thing from each book you will be one step closer to feeling calmer and healthier. The lovely thing about books for co-dependent people is you get to realise you are not alone. You get a very deep, raw insight into another co-dependents life and it can be very freeing. Some authors just want to share their co-dependent journey and some want to help (as is their nature). Every single journey is different and people come to be aware of their addiction through many different ways. The list of books compiled here has been rated by different co-dependents for different reasons. If there is a book you would like to read but can’t afford it right now please get in touch and we might be able to help.


Co-Dependents anonymous book cover

Co-Dependents Anonymous is a group where members apply the 12 Step principles to their daily lives. Based on the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous so it’s not surprising that the book Co-Dependents Anonymous follows a format similar to that of the “Big Book”” of Alcoholics Anonymous. The stories and steps it contains are pertinent to anyone coping with codependency and searching for freedom and peace.








Codependent journeys healing the shame book coverHealing the shame that binds you – John Bradshaw. If you haven’t explored shame yet you may not realise the power it has over you. Codependency is a shame based disorder, heal the shame and you are well on your way to recovery. He properly explains the¬†shame cycle codependents get caught up in and how to resolve it. The focus throughout the book is on him realising why he came to drink and how shame is the force behind compulsive irrational behaviour.







Codependent journeys - codependent no more book coverCodependent no more – Melody Beattie. This book for codependents is probably the most life changing of all that I have read. Her focus is on codependents helping behaviour and how to change it. A groundbreaking book that helps you to realise when and what codependent behaviours are getting in the way of your life. Really easy to read and implement the ideas.






codependent journey women who love too much book coverWomen who love too much – Robin Norwood. Excellent book, it doesn’t go massively in to codependency from what I remember but the underlying principles are the same. It is about loving too much and putting others before you. (the core of codependency) Aimed at women but men can also read it. Would be an especially¬† good read if they have a codependent partner, or would like more insight into thought processes.








codependent journeys worry too much book coverWomen who worry too much – Holly Haslet-Stevens. Focused on the biological differences in men and women this book explains why women are more prone to anxiety. Given the worry and anxiety that surrounds people with codependent personalities, conquering worry and anxiety is a massive help toward recovery for codependent behaviour. Exercises and tips to reduce worry and understand why you are anxious is one more step to a calm life.






codependent journeys spirituality of imperfection book coverThe spirituality of imperfection – Ernest Kurtz & Katherine Ketcham. As a codependent we strive for perfection. Shame plays a huge roll and somewhere in there we forget that it is our imperfections that make us special. To be perfect is not human. It is our imperfections that help us grow into recovery, and part of recovery is being aware of our imperfections.