Dancing in acid rain


Acid rain and the toxic relationship

I am there in a desert, a beautiful desert. It’s hot, sandy, bright and beautiful and I love it. I am laughing, joking and having the time of my life. In the middle of the desert it starts raining. It’s pretty and looks fun. It looks refreshing, cooling and grounding all at the same time.

I go over and dance in the rain. It does feel good, really good. Invigorating and cleansing. I’m having such fun I barely notice the odd drops of acid rain, I do notice, but they’re so tiny I don’t worry. The good rain soon washes it away and I’m having such a lovely time I won’t let it spoil it.

The longer I stay out there the more often the acid rain comes. Not all the time, and the good rain stays longer but it keeps getting on my skin and it’s starting to become sore. The good rain feels so good, I don’t want to miss out on it but dancing in acid rain is starting to hurt.

As I dance for longer and longer the acid rain is coming more frequently. It’s heavy now and I’m getting sore so I begin to rub it off. But my skin is red and starting to peel. I don’t understand, there is no warning it just comes, and then the good rain comes but even though the good rain comes my skin is still sore. It’s not so much fun now.

Dancing in this rain is making me tired and I’m not as happy. My skin is peeling and I am confused. The rain is coming harder and it’s mostly just acid now.

I’m trying to rub it off but my skin is coming off. I can see horrible red blood and tissue on my arms, my face is on fire where there is no skin left. It hurts and I’m crying, I’m looking up silently pleading for it to stop but it keeps coming. I look around and somehow it is all grey. The sky is angry and thick clouds are above me, there is no sun and I can’t believe I didn’t notice. I look up again, pleading for it to stop, my eyes filled with tears. I didn’t notice it had become this.

The pain is so bad now, and the rain is relentless I have to lay down. I cannot take this. I look around again and I see faces in the distance, they are kind, they will save me. My face and body are ugly and burned but they don’t mind.

They call me and beckon me and do not  give up until I get to them. They give me love and cream, I am safe again……