Texts to send that can the crazy…

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Every once in a while things can get a little heated between a couple, things may get said or done that hurt the other person. Put one or more codependents together and things can get ridiculously out of hand. There is no understanding of each other and every behaviour is perceived as blaming. No one takes responsibility and everyone is reacting to the last thing the other person said or did. When this situation arises, it really is best to say your piece and leave it until you are both calm and in control. This list of texts to send will admit your responsibility of your part, be honest and get you out of the chaos you are in.

1, I’m really sorry for hurting you. I am not in control of what I am saying or doing so right now and I need to cool off. I still love you and will get in touch when I am in a calm place.

Repeat until message is heard and understood. Reply only when you are in a good state of mind.

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